Welcome to Alstons

We are proud to present our stunning and versatile Upholstery Collection.

Our sofas are made to be more than just beautiful; we make them to withstand all the demands of life. Why? Because Alstons understands that sofas are at the centre of the home. They’re the focal point around which life moves, the place where families and friends come together, day after day – the spot where people choose to spend their precious free time – and we think that’s a powerful thing.

We believe a truly great sofa is attractive and comfortable and demands to be used every day: a sofa that is made for living. Alstons has dedicated the last sixty years to manufacturing sofas that meet this ideal: sofas that are beautifully designed and upholstered, and built with expert skill from high quality materials.


Our Sofas are made to order by our team of highly skilled craftsman. We offer an extensive range of sofas with a variety of shapes, sizes and fabrics, which cover the modern fashion to the classic timeless pieces.


Our range of sofabeds offer the look of beautifully designed and upholstered sofa but which can transform into a bed for that unexpected guest. The range includes compact designs for ultimate versatility.


Find exactly what you require with over 350 interchangable fabrics. Working closely with our suppliers, we have access to some of the finest textile mills from the continent.

Design & Manufacturing

We celebrate thoughtful design. When we sit down to draw, sketchpad open and pencil in hand, we’re thinking about lots more than just creating a great-looking sofa. We’re thinking about the shapes, sizes and fabrics.

Our History

Alstons started back in 1860 and were proud of their heritage in the furniture trade. During that period to now, Alstons has established itself as a major producer of well-engineered upholstery.

Corporate Video

"This is Alstons, an award winning business established in 1951 and now one of the leading upholstery manufacturers in the UK. Our facilities are based here in Colchester with a 200 strong workforce that is the cornerstone of the company's success..."